Welshly Arms- Indestructible

“Indestructible” appears on Welshly Arms’ forthcoming album, No Place Is Home, which will release this May 25. The record also features the band’s breakthrough single, “Legendary,” which reached the top 20 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart.

Welshly Arms is an American blues rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States.


Judas Priest- Lightning to Strike

Formed in the year 1969, the band will be celebrating its 50th anniversary soon enough. Having produced a half century’s worth of electrifying heavy metal songs such as “Breaking the Law”, “Heading out to the Highway” and “You’ve got another thing coming”, the band is to become the longest running heavy-metal band. (Now that Black Sabbath is done with its final tour)


I never thought I will ever get into heavy metal. But I am loving it. \m/

I Could Never- Ed Prosek



I had a chat with Ed Prosek, where I asked him his thoughts behind the song. He did mention about a long lost love, but said he is open to people’s thought and interpretation about the lyrics.
I found it more of a parting-ways song, where they cross each others path but don’t feel like talking.
I found this song on the mix spotify made for me. 😀
Enjoy! 😀

American Man- Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo ain’t a band anymore. They split up a while back, so there isn’t much available about them.


The 2012 romantic-comedy movie ‘Stuck in Love’ is where I found it. Just one stanza! But that one stanza gave enough reason to look up for it. The lyrics is indeed exquisite. It is one of those song which depicts the story of a person who gets out of the cave to see the light out there.

Here is my favorite part:

He gathered his pride and suited up
In front of the crowd
He raised his voice
As shaky as it was

And with an arrogant smile, he shook his head
Counted his fingers from one to ten
With a foot like lead
revived the engine

And he left for the road, no coming home,
No end in sight, like a blue sky
He was his own, no coming home
No end in sight He realized
That he drove all night

Happy Listening! 🙂

Waves (Tame Impala Remix)- Miguel

This song by Miguel is fancy a listen. The actual song was part of Miguel’s 2014 album ‘Wildheart’. Though two other remixed version were released too. One by Kacey Musgraves which seemed like a perfect combination of R&B and Country. And the other by RAC. Yet, this version by the Australian psychedelic pop rock band Tame Impala is more tripper. TameMiguel

The ambiance in which this song is recorded has a very different and exotic thing about it. It felt more like an aquatic journey. I would recommend to have both the heads of the ear phone on while listening to it.

Happy Listening.

You know sharing would just prove what a superior taste you have got in music. 😀

Spirits- The Strumbellas

Yes, I have a weird thing for indie rock. I am in the phase. So today I present this amazing song which was released a month back only and is already holding a position in the Canada Hot 100 Chart. Trust me, This song will get in your head and won’t go.

The Strumbellas is a Juno award winning canadian band. This song is part of their upcoming album ‘Hope’. 

Are you thinking of keeping a song as amazing as this to yourself? Eh?
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Tuyo (Narcos theme)- Rodrigo Amarante

This Spanish song is written by Rodrigo Amarante who is a famous Brazilian singer-songwriter. Many of you might have heard this one though as it is the theme song of the famous Netflix original series ‘Narcos’.


Amarante wrote this song keeping Pablo Escobar’s mother and what she used to listen to while raising her son. Its a spainsh song and you surely won’t get a word of it but then it sounds really pleasing to ears. Its music is the best part. And about Narcos, Do I even have to say it? It is one heck of a series.

Here is the translation of ‘Tuyo’:
(Source: http://decider.com/2015/08/31/narcos-theme-song-tuyo-english-translation-netflix/)

I am the fire that burns your skin,
Soy el fuego que arde tu piel
I am the water that kills your thirst.
soy el agua que mata tu sed.
Of the castle, I am the tower,
El castillo, la torre yo soy
the sword that guards the treasure.
la espada que guarda el caudal.
You, the air that I breathe,
tu el aire que respiro yo
and the light of the moon on the sea.
y la luz de la luna en el mar.
The throat that longs to be choked
La garganta que ansio mojar
that I’m afraid I’ll drown in love.
que temo ahogar de amor.
And which desires you are going to give me.
y cuales deseos me vas a dar
just to look is treasure enough,
mi tesoro basta con mirarlo,
it will be yours, it will be yours.
tuyo será, y tuyo será.

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Only Just A Call Away- The Struts

Either its the ’70s glitz outfits, reminiscent of Queen or shaggy hair that infers Kiss, however The Struts are unquestionably fascinating. The song ‘Only Just A Call Away’ is from the reissue of their first album ‘Everybody Wants’. This English band is said to be propelled by Queen, The rolling stones,  Oasis, and The Libertines. With a sound that parallels Jet, Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, The Struts bring a catchy, modern rock ‘n’ roll vibe to the table.

So here is a treat for your ears.

Keeping Your Head Up- Birdy

Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde aka Birdy is an indie folk english singer. You won’t be picturing her as a 19 year old while listening to this song but indeed she is. Makes me feel like an underachiever. This song is from her upcoming album ‘Beautiful Lies‘.

This is one of those songs which while listening to the first time you just know that this is something. This is it. To be precise this song has almost everything. Beautiful lyrics, good video and startling beats.

Have fun!


No Love Like Yours-Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is an American indie folk band consisting of like 12 people. The band is popularly known for the back story behind its name.

No love! Show me love.
He is confused about what to trust, what to believe, where to be at. All he knows is that he loves that woman and want her to show hers too. All he want to hear, see and feel is love.
No Love Like Yours‘ is part of their upcoming album ‘PersonA‘ which will be released on April 15, 2016 through Community music.