The Last Shadow Puppet- Miracle Aligner

Six years, Yes, that is how long people have been waiting for the release of this album. And was it worth the wait? See for yourself. After listening to this song (and the rest of the album), I am pretty sure no Elbow, armpit can stop them from taking the Mercury Prize this time. Although, I don’t hate Elbow for snatching that Mercury Prize in the year 2008 from TLSP, I mean have you heard them? Beautiful melodies and heart wrenching lyrics! Oh wait, I was supposed to talk about TLSP.

Formed in the year 2007, The Last Shadow Puppets is a supergroup [] with artist like Turner and Mike Kane. Their debut album, The Age of the Understatement, went to number one and was nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2008.

The song Miracle Aligner is part of their recently released album Everything you’ve come to expect.



Leo Stannard- Lost

Leo Stannard is an acoustic/indie artist hailing from a small village in Leicester, United Kingdom. Stannard started writing songs at the mere age of 10. Its only after the Mahogany Sessions he realized that he can actually do it for a living. His finger tapping skills are very compelling. Stannard writes mostly about experiences. His favorite spot to write songs or get inspired is a tiny shed/house in a place called Maratea in Southern Italy which he visits every year with his family. Doing a back check on him was something I enjoyed the most. (:

The song ‘Lost‘ is from his EP, ‘Free Rein’.


For those who don’t know, Mahogany Sessions is a London based YouTube blog. That is where I discovered artist like Leo Stannard and Ben Abraham.


Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper-Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue- Tracy Chapman- Fast Car- Rings a bell?

And no, he is not associated with Jonas brothers.

jonas blue

‘Perfect Strangers’ is the latest single by English song producer Jonas Blue and vocals by fellow musician JP Cooper. Jonas aces in playing many instruments including flute and saxophone. He became a sensation after remaking ‘Fast Car’ (reached #2, UK Top 10 Chart), the 1988 hit by Tracy Chapman.

The lyrics of ‘Perfect Strangers’ depicts uncertainty, as they emphasized on the word ‘maybe’. Its about not overthinking love and living in the moment.


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Spirits- The Strumbellas

Yes, I have a weird thing for indie rock. I am in the phase. So today I present this amazing song which was released a month back only and is already holding a position in the Canada Hot 100 Chart. Trust me, This song will get in your head and won’t go.

The Strumbellas is a Juno award winning canadian band. This song is part of their upcoming album ‘Hope’. 

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