American Man- Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo ain’t a band anymore. They split up a while back, so there isn’t much available about them.


The 2012 romantic-comedy movie ‘Stuck in Love’ is where I found it. Just one stanza! But that one stanza gave enough reason to look up for it. The lyrics is indeed exquisite. It is one of those song which depicts the story of a person who gets out of the cave to see the light out there.

Here is my favorite part:

He gathered his pride and suited up
In front of the crowd
He raised his voice
As shaky as it was

And with an arrogant smile, he shook his head
Counted his fingers from one to ten
With a foot like lead
revived the engine

And he left for the road, no coming home,
No end in sight, like a blue sky
He was his own, no coming home
No end in sight He realized
That he drove all night

Happy Listening! 🙂


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